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“Every journey has some paths you need to cross.”

I’m Katleen Penel. Nice to meet you.

What drives me every day is my intrinsic motivation to inspire and help entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves. As an entrepreneur, you will embark on a journey with steep hills but also deep lows. That’s normal. You learn and grow from success as well as failure.

But why fly solo on this journey when I can give you the wings to fly?

Helping entrepreneurs along their journey as a business coach is what I do. Seeing them reach their next destination, whether it’s a big or small step, is why I get up in the morning. That, and a strong cup of coffee!

“Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.”
A quote by one of the most famous woman entrepreneurs, Oprah. And one I live by. So let me tell you about my own journey and how different paths led me to becoming a business coach and motivational speaker.

Back to the roots
Born in a family of self-made (wo)men, I have been instilled with an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. My grandfather and father were the owners of Hotel Penel in Koksijde (former ‘Echo de la Mer’). Front row seats to discover and learn by practice how to run a successful business. It also explains why I have a great affinity with and a passion for the hospitality industry. It runs as a common theme through my career path: from my studies (Hotel- en toerismeschool Spermalie) to founding the Glory Of Excellence, an international network in high-end hospitality.

Exploring new branches
My first stage was as a teacher at Hotel- en toerismeschool Spermalie. That’s where I also developed my passion to help talented students with their first entrepreneurial steps. Today, I still try to stir up young entrepreneurship as lector of the course ‘Entrepreneurship’ at Ghent University and Hogeschool Ghent.

In 2008, as HR Manager and wingwoman of the CEO, I became actively involved in the expansion of the Kempinski Hotel Group in Bruges. I traveled the world to promote the group. I established an international network which enables me to connect the dots for my clients today.Two years later, I started my own business and HR consultancy. As interim (HR) Manager for various clients in the hospitality, construction and transport sector, I developed an extensive experience in various aspects of HR (organizational development and culture building, payroll services, talent management, training and development, etc.), Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Crisis & Interim Management. In 2012, I won the Pension Ambassador Award (Delta Lloyd Life) as HR Director of Viabuild, the former Verhaeren-Kembo Groep.

Planting new seeds
In 2019, I combined my professional expertise in business consultancy with my affinity for the hospitality Industry. The Glory Of Excellence, helps chefs and future chefs from Great to Excellent. With tailor-made training, coaching and consultancy, I increase their reputation, visibility and expertise. My international network creates new opportunities and increases their exposure on a global scale. Started in the Benelux, I have plans to globally expand The Glory of Excellence with hubs in Dubai, Sydney, San Francisco and New York.

And today?
I help entrepreneurs to grow as a business coach.
I advise executives with key strategic decisions as a sounding board.
I try to lighten the entrepreneurial flame as a motivational speaker and a writer.

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